Catwalk queens get whole new image as works of art

Caitlin McBride

OUR top models have been given a brand new kind of makeover.

And this one doesn't include a new hairstyle or radical image overhaul, opting instead to show them in a never-before-seen light -- as art.

While these catwalk queens are used to posing in a variety of different settings, they have now been transformed into artwork by digital artist David Briscoe.

As these exclusive pictures show, our best-known beauties are giving muses across the world a run for their money.

Briscoe explained to the Herald that he used photos originally taken by celebrity snapper Lili Forberg to incorporate them into his unique works -- which can take up to 30 hours to complete.

"I like to take models and put them in a surreal background, I just think it looks great," he told the Herald.

His aim was to make the models look more like works of art by using some of their standard portfolio pictures as inspiration.

"It's a nice change from some photographs where it's just a white backdrop with the focus on the model -- these are surreal, fantastical backgrounds that look more like paintings.

"It takes a long, long time in order to get the lighting and stuff right.

"Some pieces can take hours and hours, but I couldn't put a figure on it. Some have taken me up to 30 hours, but that wouldn't apply to everything," he said.

Assets beauties Sara Kavanagh, Louise Kavanagh and Rozanna Purcell were his muses this time around, but he hopes to use more well-known faces over time.

"I've received a lot of positive feedback from the pieces and an interest in people wanting to do photoshoots since. I've also done some pieces where I've done the photography myself.

"I think it shows that there is an interest there for it," he said.

Reigning Miss Universe Ireland Rozanna Purcell may have ditched our shores for a modelling career in New York, but the brunette beauty will leave a lasting impression with this Andy Warhol-style makeover.


And leggy Louise Kavanagh, who has never been shy about showing off her assets, is sure to set pulses racing in this picture which sees her scantily clad with a pair of wings and a colourful background.

Model turned entrepreneur Sara Kavanagh looks more futuristic, sporting a fitted black leather dress in her surreal surroundings.