Cat's player sparks fury for throwing hurl

Kevin Doyle

A ROW has erupted amid Tipperary's All-Ireland heroics over an incident in which a hurley was thrown.

Kilkenny defender John Tennyson has been branded a "disgrace" by some hurling fans for throwing his hurl as man-of-the-match Lar Corbett bore down on goal in the 42nd minute.

He received a yellow card for the indiscipline, which was today described as unsporting and the act of a sore loser.

Corbett went on to dispatch an unstoppable shot to the back of the Kilkenny net, but was lucky to avoid the flying hurley.

The goal -- Corbett's second of three -- was the turning point that gave his team the impetus to stop the so-called 'drive for five'.

Hurling fans on GAA discussion forms were today critical of Tennyson's dangerous play.

One fan on said: "By the way, didn't like the way Tennyson threw his hurl at Lar Corbett just before the second goal.

"Disgraceful behaviour. Stinks of a sore loser, trying to do anything to stop him."

Another added: "I agree with the comment regarding Tennyson -- he could have seriously hurt Corbett by throwing the hurl ... "

However, one Kilkenny fan hit back: "A well-weighted throw, but the timing was off -- on another day that would have won the game for Kilkenny, and we would be admiring the cuteness of the Cats once again."

Both sides were shown four yellow cards by referee Michael Wadding who most analysts accept did a decent job on tense day. And despite the huge excitement among the Tipperary supporters in the crowd of 81,756, officials were delighted that there was no pitch invasion and the new fence in front of Hill 16 held back the crowds.