Casey calls out 'Rochy' critics

Mayo manager Stephen Rochford. Photo by David Maher/Sportsfile

What's the most important quality in a Mayo manager? Answer: the skin of a rhino.

"When you don't win games you take a shelling," said Stephen Rochford earlier this month, post-Roscommon. He took a far greater "shelling" over last Sunday's relocation of Aidan O'Shea.

But John Casey believes it has gone too far.

"You know what's wrong with Rochford. People, journalists, feel like he's easy pickings," the ex-Mayo star said. "Nobody will have a cut at Mickey Harte or Jim Gavin because they know they'll get it both barrels back."

He added that other managers have made calamitous calls and escaped the "awful slating" reserved for Rochford. "He doesn't come out fighting. And that's probably why people are jumping on the 'Let's have a cut at Rochford' bandwagon."