Carroll golden girl in Erin win

Niall Scully


THE golden point came four minutes into the second half at the church end of Parnell Park.

Jessica Carroll got it. She also collected the Player-of-the-Match award.

In the opening half, Angelique Kilgallon of Commercials set off on a solo run. Roisin Doyle also went on a charming run for Commercials at the start of the second half. Classy Carroll went near to nicking another couple of scores.

SCORER -- Erin Go Bragh: J Carroll 0-1.

ERIN GO BRAGH: O Adelani, S Carton, H Howarth, L McLeod, K Rooney-McEvoy, K Duggan, N Padden, L Scuffill, D Gasowska, J Carroll, A Comey, A Conway, L Forbes, A Kenny, A Farrell, A Duggan, M Sykes, F Mayitonda, E Osunde, A O'Carroll.

COMMERCIALS: C Ni Dhulaing, I Cummins, P Kinsella, A Kilgallon, C McGoldrick, R Doyle, S Irvine, R Masterson, S Murphy, E Healy, A Kelly, C Campbell, R Noone, K Hackett, S Dixon, C Keegan, A Reid, A Doyle, C Daly, D Campbell, S Carroll.

REFEREE: M Ryan (St Patrick's (Palmerstown)).