Mark O'Regan

The Naked Presidential Election

RTE1, 9.35pm Behind-the-scenes documentary on the 2011 election campaign for the Presidency (President-elect Michael D Higgins, below). The programme follows the seven candidates as they handle the slings and arrows in the race to the Aras. Plus, we get to see how the political team at the Irish Independent cover the campaign.


Frozen Planet

BBC1, 9pm How animals in the polar regions adapt to the summer weather. In a colony of 400,000 king penguins the adults go surfing and the chicks take mud-baths (aaah) to cool off. A minke whale is hunted by a family of killer whales and Adelie penguins try to prevent their chicks being snatched.


Peter Jones: How We Made Our Millions

BBC2, 9pm One smug millionaire entrepreneur explores the world of high-end business, interviewing other smug millionaires, Innocent smoothie company co-founder Richard Reed, and Michelle Mone, the woman behind the Ultimo lingerie brand. They discuss what drives them to succeed and take the Dragons' Den star on a tour of their companies and homes. Through The Keyhole meets The Money Programme then.


Kirstie's Handmade Britain

Channel 4, 8pm Kirstie Allsopp takes up flower arranging for the Royal Cornwall Show. Beneath Allsopp's twee and girlie exterior beats the heart of a fierce competitor as she steps up to the plate and pits her flower arranging skills against those of the experts. Seriously, though, this is quite a heart-warming series and a guaranteed stress buster.