Callous owners dump dead horse on busy roadside

Cormac Byrne

THIS was the tragic end for a horse that was left on a city street with its front legs tied together outside the entrance to the old DSPCA.

The disturbing picture was captured by a passerby who noticed the creature lying on its side with blood coming from its mouth.

Graham Horlacher (32), from Firhouse, told the Herald that the black and white horse was lifeless when he came across it at 12.30pm yesterday on Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham.

He immediately called the gardai in Rathfarnham, as well as the DSPCA.

"It was really shocking," he said. "I pulled over immediately when I saw it. It looked like it had been just dumped there.

"The poor creature had a rope tied around its front legs and had been left at the entrance to the old DSPCA.

"I didn't want children to approach the horse. It was not a nice thing to see and it was dumped alongside a very busy road.

"It was a sickening thing to come across and just goes to show that there are evil people out there. I hope whatever scum did this are prosecuted."

DSPCA spokeswoman Orla Aungier told the Herald it was another case of a dead horse being dumped and left to rot.

"We've seen a lot of dumping of this nature," she said.


"They tie the dead horse to the gates of the old DSPCA from within a horsebox and as they drive away, the animal simply falls out.

"The gardai at Rathfarnham have been notified and are investigating the incident.

"We scanned the animal in the hopes of finding a microchip which could have given us the identity of the animal and the animal's owners.

"We're continuing to investigate the incident and have notified the council to come and collect the body.

"Unfortunately, it's a case of another dead horse in Dublin."