Broken jaw for Emma after kick in the face from horse

Aoife Anderson

TOP model Emma Quinlan is recovering from a serious facial injury after an equestrian accident.

The stunning brunette, who is well known for appearing in provocative photoshoots with her beloved snakes, is expecting to have to undergo surgery this week after suffering a broken jaw and swelling to her face.

The 26-year-old told the Herald that she was dealt a severe blow to her face by her horse, while trying to catch her in a field over the weekend.

"I wasn't even riding at the time, I was just catching her," she explained.

"I'm just getting more X-rays to see how it's broken and if I need surgery. It's the risk of the sport I suppose. Horses are always dangerous creatures.


"But between this and having been in hospital last week ... it's just ugh," she added.

News of her terrifying accident comes just days after she was discharged from hospital following treatment for a painful kidney infection.

The BScene model was forced to spend three days in hospital last week and was under strict orders from her doctor not to exert herself after being struck down by the illness earlier this month.

The popular pin-up girl revealed how she was brought into the Beacon hospital in Sandyford but was released early to rest at home.

"I was in for about three days and then they let me home because I whimpered so much and begged them to let me out," she explained.

"I've been kind of sick with my kidneys for a couple of years now so I've been in hospital a couple of times."