Brave Janet to sing on after grandad's death

Laura Butler

X FACTOR hopeful Janet Devlin has been left devastated after the sudden death of her grandfather.

The schoolgirl was told that her beloved grandparent Michael Devlin (83) died on Wednesday night.

However, the brave 16-year-old will carry on with her X Factor performance as her family members have told her it is what Michael would have wanted.

It has been a difficult few days for the Omagh native, who is currently living in London with her fellow contestants.

Two of the singer's siblings, Gavin (22) and Aaron (18) are set to fly over to support Janet this weekend.

"As far as we're aware, she's still going to perform," older brother Gavin told the Herald. "It has all been quite sudden to be honest. We're due to fly over tomorrow anyway."

Meanwhile, Janet's best friends Rachel Clarkson (16) and Megan Sweeney (17) -- who go to school with the X Factor favourite -- as well as boyfriend Brendan Sally (17), will travel with the group and are heading straight to Wembley Stadium.

Megan told the Herald that Mr Devlin's death will be a real blow to her school pal. She said: "This will definitely affect her, I hope she'll be able to pull through it.

"Anyone who knows Janet knows that singing is exactly what she wants to do, it's her dream so she has to keep on going -- she's passionate about it. It's what her grandpa would've wanted."


Rachel added that the first thing she'll do is give her friend a consoling hug, before congratulating her on her performance.

Janet's parents Patricia and Aquinas attended the studio last weekend. The Devlins enjoyed a huge party in their Co Tyrone home to cheer on Janet, with Gavin saying the house was "packed with family and friends" from the area.

However, it will be a quiet scene tomorrow as they come to terms with their loss.

Janet will be well looked after over the coming days, as mum Patricia told the Herald last night that the crew of Simon Cowell's hit series have been very "kind and helpful".

The 47-year-old and her husband flew over for the opening round of the live shows last weekend and stayed with friends in Notting Hill.

"We were just relieved she got through," the mum-of-four said.