Brave Enright has opened the door on depression

Mark Enright

Niall Cronin

Mark Enright is just one of a wealth of upcoming jockeys in this country at the moment, although the 22-year-old hasn't actually ridden since New Year's Day.

Initially it was believed he was having a problem with his appendix, but bravely Enright came out this week to admit it was actually down to him suffering from depression.

Mental health has become an increasingly bigger issue in recent years but the acceptance of it has also led to more and more people dealing with it in an appropriate manner, as has probably been best highlighted in GAA circles.

However, Enright is one of the first to so publicly come out in racing about his troubles and he has already said about the relief of doing so.

Hopefully, this can only prove to be a good thing and if more are suffering in a similar way they'll now feel comfortable in going down the right road.