Br Kevin and Giles worthy honorees

THey're two of the capital's most respected citizens - albeit for very different reasons - and tonight Br Kevin Crowley and John Giles will be honoured by receiving the freedom of the city.

Br Crowley has worked tirelessly to help Dublin's homeless, providing hundreds of hot meals every day at his Capuchin Day Centre, all year round.

Though a Cork man by birth, his contribution to helping the most unfortunate in Dublin over the years has been immeasurable.

John Giles meanwhile, is a legend of Irish football, both as a former player and coach and for the decades has been a valued pundit on RTE, as well as in the pages of this newspaper.

He's also a true-blue Dub, having grown up in the city's northside in Ormond Square.

It'd be difficult to think of two more deserving recipients of the highest honour that can be bestowed by city authorities.

Many congratulations to them both.