Bono's PAL celebrates accolade

Gavin Friday. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Gavin Friday, was in celebratory mood this week.

The former Virgin Prunes singer (inset) was thrilled to be presented with an award from the IMRO alongside his musical partner Maurice Seezer.

They received the accolade in recognition of the ongoing success of their film compositions in the US.

The pair have written for acclaimed movies such as Romeo & Juliet and 50 Cent's biopic Get Rich or Die Trying. And they were clearly keen to mark the occasion after receiving the award from IMRO headquarters.

The Diary can reveal how Gavin and Maurice booked out an entire section of Michelin-starred eatery L'Ecrivain on Monday night as they celebrated with pals.

Among them was Oscar-winning director Jim Sheridan and wife Fran as well as American composer Paul Williams, who penned The Carpenter's hit, We've Only Just Begun.

Earlier in the day, they were all at a seminar exploring music in film and TV at IMRO's offices on Pembroke Row, which was where Friday got his award. Gavin said he was delighted with the accolade and is already busy working on new material.