The Workshop is taking place in the Hogan Suite in Croke Park on Thursday, March 15 (7.30pm sharp).

p It is important that all clubs have representative in attendance.

p The Club Officer Programme is an informational seminar specific to Club Executive Committees of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.

p The programme aims to assist Club Officers with club activities and developing appropriate structures at club level.

p From the format for the programme, you will see that we will also deliver information on the Injury Fund Scheme, Club Development Plans and information on how to access funding for your Club. The success of the programme relies on you, the clubs, attending and participating.

p The Ladies Football Board ask you to ensure that the relevant officers, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer/Registrar, PRO, and Children's Officer attend the programme.

p If your club is an integrated club with the GAA, and your Officers are GAA Officers, we ask that four members attend who look after the Ladies Gaelic Football section of the club. The Ladies Gaelic Football section within all Clubs should be represented at the programme.

p This programme has been rolled out since 2008 in all 32 Counties and it continues to be a huge success, with great ideas being generated and shared to assists clubs in their day to day running of their clubs.

p It is essential that your club attends the programme, to ensure that your club is aware of the roles and responsibilities of officers and the procedures governing the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.