Blinded victim sues over club glass attack

Tim Healy

A MAN lost the sight in one eye after he was glassed in the face while drinking in a social club, the High Court heard.

David Blake (43), of Sarah Place, Island Bridge, Dublin, is suing Ballyfermot United Sports and Social Club Limited, the owner of the Dublin club. Sean Callaghan, of Decies Road, Ballyfermot, was sentenced for the attack on January 12, 2007, the court heard, and judgment has already been entered in a civil action against him.

Mr Blake, a general operative and security man, is suing the club for admitting Callaghan when he was previously barred from the premises, for not removing him, and for not clearing glasses from the tables.

He said he was sitting at a table in the back bar area when Callaghan smashed a glass in his face. The club denies the claims.

Mr Blake told the court he signed in at the club and sat at a table where Callaghan was sitting with a woman. He said Callaghan and the woman appeared drunk. He was having a laugh with the woman when Mr Callaghan got "all alive" as if something had upset him.

"He thought I was talking about his brother. That was not the case. Callaghan smashed a glass in my face," he said.

The case continues.