Blathnaid to star in TV drama debut

Jane Last

IRISH actors should watch out -- as multi-talented RTE star Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh could be snapping at your heels.

The RTE star, known to many for her presenting talents on The Afternoon Show and her judging role on 'The All-Ireland Talent Show, is to make her acting debut in a new drama.

Although the mum-of-four is keeping the exact details of the production close to her chest, she did tell this week's Woman's Way magazine that it had been an ambition of hers for some time and now it is set to become a reality.

"I've just been cast in a TV drama. I'm playing the main character," she said during the interview.

"When I came to Dublin in 1989 I did plan to be an actor without any formal training.


"Then my life took off on television, dabbling of course in all aspects of drama -- I am one of those people that Republic of Telly, Katherine Lynch of Podge & Rodge would ring to do acting bits," she explained.

"It's definitely something I had in me but I never really gave up on it. I always dreamt of it; it was never, 'I won't do anything about it', I just didn't do anything about it."

This opportunity came out of nowhere -- and Blathnaid is seizing it with both hands.

"This fell out of the sky. I did a reading, they wanted another, I did another reading and a call back and I got it. It'll be on the air in the autumn and I'm very excited. I'm very humbled, I'm so flattered, I'm nervous but I'm so excited," she said.

And Blathnaid appears to have little fear when facing something she has little experience in.

"It's good to show you 'never say never' to anything. Things like this come out of nowhere. I never got anything I went for; anything I got in my life came to me, therefore, it's a lesson to be learned that if things suit you and don't suit you, you don't always know what suits you.

Blathnaid has experienced a number of health problems.

In January, she underwent surgery to have half her colon removed and has spent the last few months recuperating.

"If this [the TV show] had happened a few years ago I don't think I'd have been able... but I've been fixed, my engine has been fixed. I just think this is for me," she said.