Big in Iran? Ronan Keating goes down a Storm in Middle East

Storm and Ronan Keating

By Robin Schiller

Ronan Keating may have millions of adoring fans around the world - but he was somewhat surprised to hear that his fan base has reached the heart of Iran.

The Boyzone singer was thrilled to hear that Iranian people were fond of his work.

"Oh my God. Brilliant, love it. It's great to hear, that the name has travelled like that," he said.

"People know us (Boyzone) and have heard us and listened to the music and it's always a great honour for me and it still surprises me and excites me," Ronan added.

The singer's comments were in response to an Irish diplomat who worked in Iran saying that the three things the people there liked about Ireland were Bobby Sands, fighting the British and Boyzone.


Ronan also spoke of the Marie Keating foundation which he started after his mother died of breast cancer and how it developed from a small temporary organisation into something much bigger.

"It was only a project for a year or two, and the plan was to roll it over to another charity, but it became so big so quickly, we just continued with it," he said.

"It's something that everybody should be educated on as it's key, and early detection means the best chance of survival."

Ronan also told the Newstalk Breakfast show that he had his own cancer scare recently, when he noticed a small lump.

"I had a scare myself, I found a lump on one of my testicles and I thought it was cancerous. I was panicking but it only ended up being a small thing and it was harmless," Ronan said.