Bieber calls for end to bullying

Justin Bieber has become the latest star to speak out against bullying.

The teen sensation has made a video on the subject, which was broadcast on the Ellen DeGeneres show in the US.

In it, he says: "Hey guys, I'm Justin Bieber. I just wanted to say there's nothing cool about being a bully. And if you're getting bullied, make sure to tell someone and, you know, it gets better. And if you're a bystander, make sure to step in and, you know, help out."

He has previously opened up about his experiences at the hands of bullies, saying: "Everybody goes through bullying. Everybody has, even me. On my YouTube page, there are so many haters.".

Other stars who have spoken out against bullying include Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry and Ke$ha.

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