Belieber Fever teens go 'flat out' for their pop idol

Melanie Finn

Here's Bieber Fever as it reaches a new level of hysteria.

As our picture reveals, some Beliebers would go to any lengths to catch a precious glimpse of their superstar idol during his five-day visit here.

Lying on the ground peeping under the gates of the VIP entrance at the O2 arena, Justin Bieber's fans appear heedless of their own safety as they try and spot the seventeen-year-old superstar.

Some of his fans have been camped out at the northside venue since last Monday morning.

And after word got out that the Baby crooner was staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Powerscourt, Co Wicklow, there was a mad dash by fans out there to try and spot him.

The Canadian teen was instantly mobbed on leaving his hotel for the second and final night of his sell-out gig, but was more than happy to stop to sign autographs and pose for pics with fans.

The teenager has been here since last Sunday but has managed to keep a low profile and avoid getting "papped".

He'll bring his My World tour to Liverpool tonight and then perform two dates in Greenwich on March 14 and 16 next week.