Being a mum is the best job ever - TV3's Jenny

PRESENTER Jenny Buckley is loving her new life as a mum -- and she's already back into some of her pre-baby wardrobe.

Speaking to the Diary, the 33-year-old divulged that she has finally hit her stride and is relishing the best job she's ever had, motherhood.

"I'm really enjoying it, Jude is just over four months now, so things have suddenly become much easier -- I'm starting to get a full night's sleep. We're at a really good stage."

Howth native Jenny admitted to having a case of the jitters when her daughter arrived.

"I was nervous about it all in the first six to eight weeks, I worried that maybe I wouldn't be that maternal -- but it's the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm totally smitten, it's mad -- until you experience it you can't explain it," she said.

And the former Channel Six host is enjoying getting back into her old clothes.

"I've been very lucky, I haven't got the figure totally back, but because I'm always on the go, the weight just fell off.

"I've given myself nine months to get back in shape properly, I'm not putting myself under pressure. But I'm back in my old jeans -- I'm not completely toned, but I'm getting there."

Jenny and her hubby of five years Garret McClean hosted an intimate Christening service last week for baby Jude and the bubbly personality said it was "really emotional".

"It's a big milestone, it was a lovely day with the family. I nearly cried on the altar."

But there was a bit of a hiccup during the church service.

"I was up on the altar, and I saw Garret waving over at me -- I realised half way through that the security tag was still hanging off my blazer, I was mortified," she laughed.