Bangers are not on the menu as Gok ready to cook up a storm

Sherna Noah

TV star Gok Wan has revealed that he was not happy with the title suggested for his new Channel 4 cooking show.

The fashion stylist (37) is making a foray into cookery with Gok Cooks Chinese, a series which was almost called Gok's Wok.


But he told the Radio Times: "If I was making something with a comical element Gok's Wok would have been fine. But I wanted the series to be taken seriously.

"I was making a show that was about recipes that are hundreds, possibly thousands of years old -- recipes that have been passed down through my family. I don't want to be disrespectful of that."

The TV star said he was prepared for a backlash from people who feel he should stick to fashion.

"I'm ready for the critics to say, 'What the hell is Gok doing? He normally grabs breasts and now he's grabbing woks -- what gives him the right to do that?'

"But the fact is that, for me, food came long before fashion. We worked in catering. We had family restaurants in Leicester. So food not only fed our family, it fed our wallets," he said.