Bang Cafe case is adjourned

LEGAL proceedings against brothers Simon and Christian Stokes over their operation of their wound-up Bang Cafe have been adjourned to May at the High Court.

Mayfair Properties Ltd, the company which operated the restaurant at Merrion Row, Dublin, was wound up in January last year with debts of €2.4m.

Both brothers consented earlier this month to orders restricting them, for a period of five years, acting as directors of companies unless those companies meet minimal capital requirements.

Lowe partied with Sheen

Rob Lowe gives fellow former Brat Packer Charlie Sheen a slight edge when it comes to partying.

Lowe tells Vanity Fair that, in past days, he and Sheen "competed to see who could play harder, then show up for work".

Lowe calls Sheen "a wonderful mix of nerd and rebel" and speaks of days when the two were relatively unknown actors who plotted their careers in Sheen's pool.

VEC expulsion order in court

THE High Court has been asked to overturn a Department of Education direction that a school take back a student it expelled.

The court heard the boy was expelled by the VEC secondary school in May of last year and his father appealed that decision under the provisions of the 1998 Education Act.

In its High Court application, the VEC says the decision by a committee to reverse the expulsion was not lawful.

Mr Justice Michael Peart gave permission to the VEC to challenge the department's ruling.

Seven dead in car in Mexico

Police found the bodies of six men and one woman inside a car abandoned in an exclusive gated community near the picturesque central Mexican city of Cuernavaca.

Officers found three bodies inside the car and four more in the boot in the town of Temixco. Police gave no other details.

Violence spiked in Morelos state since the December 2009 death of drug kingpin Arturo Beltran Leyva as splintered groups began fighting for control.