Baby Holly is the image of mum Lucy, says Baz


RTE star Baz Ashmawy has revealed how Lucy Kennedy's new baby is "the image" of her famous mum.

And he explained how Lucy had him convinced she was having a boy before giving birth to baby Holly last week.

"Lucy's doing great, she's absolutely flying it. I've seen pictures of the baby and she's gorgeous, very cute," Baz told the Diary.

"She was so sure that she was having a boy that she had me convinced too so I was pitching for her to call it Bazil. I even wrote a song for her and everything.

"The baby really looks like her, she's got a black mop of hair and big blue eyes, she's lovely.

"I'm delighted for Lucy that she has a little boy and a little girl now."

The 2fm broadcaster, who co-fronts a weekend morning show with Lucy (36), went on to say how he had been starting to get anxious after not hearing from his friend for a while.

She gave birth more than eight days past her due date and had joked how she was going to start charging her baby rent if it didn't make an appearance soon.

"She was very late and I didn't hear from her for a day or so and I was hoping everything was okay and then I was so relieved when I heard she had her baby and they were both doing great," the 36-year-old added.

DJ Jenny Green has been standing in for the Livin' With Lucy presenter while she's on maternity leave, with hard-working Lucy vowing to come back sooner rather than later.

Baz added how she's doing a great job but that he's definitely missing his "radio wife" at the weekends.

Meanwhile, he's gearing up to bring his daughter Hannah to meet all her Egyptian relatives next September.

His partner Tanya Evans, who has four children from a previous relationship, gave birth to the youngster two years ago this June and Baz was waiting until she was a little bit older before bringing her over to the troubled country.

He explained how his sister Mahy, who lives in Cairo, hasn't met her in person yet but has seen loads of photographs and is dying to see her.

The former How Low Can You Go presenter has also been fronting the See the World With Spar campaign, offering one lucky winner the chance to travel the world for six months and report back on their adventures.

However, he reckons that his own globe-trotting days are over now that he's a busy dad looking after five children.

"I actually couldn't think of anything worse than travelling around with all the kids. The only thing I would bring them to is a festival and that would be pushing it!" he added.