Autumn comes in with a vengeance

Clodagh Sheehy

BRACE yourselves for some sharp, stingingly cold autumn weather over the next few days.

Temperatures will slump to as low as 2C in some places.

Tonight heavy rain will spread from Connacht into Leinster and across much of north Leinster, with lighter showers elsewhere.

By tomorrow the mercury will only rise to between 11C and 16C -- much cooler than in recent days.


It will be mostly cloudy with rain and drizzle in the north of the country, though slightly warmer in southern coastal counties.

Tomorrow night expect drizzle and fog, while in Ulster dawn temperatures will drop to between 2C and 4C.

On Friday there will be further cloud and mist over most of the country with further drizzle rain and fog in some places.

Ulster will have drier, brighter weather which will gradually spread to the rest of the country, but the temperatures will stay between 11C and 15C dropping to 5C in some places overnight.

The weekend will begin with dry bright conditions on Saturday morning, with cloud coming in from the Atlantic in the afternoon turning to persistent rain in coastal counties through the night.