Aussie star Rachel to lead cast of Irish flick

INTERNATIONAL movie star Rachel Griffiths is set to join the cast of new Irish film Mammal.

The 45-year-old, known for her roles in Six Feet Under and Saving Mr Banks, signed up to lead the cast of Irish director Rebecca Daly's flick.

"It's a bit back to the cold, emotionally wrought," Rachel said. "It's quite full on."

Mammal will begin filming later this year.

Rachel is not the first Aussie star to fly to Irish shores for a silver screen production.

Toni Collette was based here for several weeks earlier this year for Glassland with heartthrob Jack Reynor.

But the 41-year-old admitted she couldn't quite manage the inner city twang at first.

"I loved the script, but I was very nervous about doing the accent," Toni said.

"I arrived on the set and sat down with a dialect coach and turned myself into a knot."

The Muriel's Wedding star revealed that she became so overwhelmed by the challenge to portray a believable Irish mother, she broke down on the phone to her husband of 10 years, Dave Galafassi.

"I actually called my husband and cried and said, 'I cannot do this, I think they are going to have to re-cast.' It freaked me out so much, but I relaxed and just did it. I was at least consistent," she said.