Attack teen is spared custody

A DUBLIN teenager who claimed after he mugged a woman that his medication had "hyped up his aggression" has been spared a custodial sentence.

The 17-year-old, who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and took Ritalin, pleaded guilty at the Children's Court to robbing the woman (32) of her iPhone, at Arran Quay, Dublin, on July 2 last. He also admitted attacking a garda on April 8 last year.

Judge Bryan Smyth sentenced the teenager to 12 months' supervised probation.

Hammond to host prank TV

Watch out, the Hamster's about... Richard Hammond is to take a Jeremy Beadle-style role heading a new Saturday night prank show.

The Top Gear host will front the series, Secret Service, and will be involved in the tomfoolery.

The six-part hidden camera series is to be screened next year with members of the prank team being given missions by members of the public.

The show is being made by the Total Wipeout team.

Quake shakes Christchurch

A magnitude-4.7 earthquake has rattled the quake-weary New Zealand city of Christchurch. There are no initial reports of serious injuries or damage.

Authorities closed down the downtown part of the city after today's quake and asked hundreds of construction workers to leave the area.

Officials say they plan to check buildings over the weekend before allowing the workers back in to continue the job of rebuilding the downtown area, which was devastated by a quake in February 2011 that killed 185 people.

$1m seized in fake currency

Canadian authorities say they have seized almost $1m in counterfeit US currency in raids at six locations in Quebec.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that the alleged counterfeiting ring was able to produce fake bills that were virtually undetectable.

The national police force says four arrests were made during raids on Wednesday in the Trois-Rivieres and Drummondville areas.