Armed raid stopped by passers-by

Fiona Ferguson

THREE robbers whose armed raid of a jewellery store was foiled by the brave actions of the owner and passers-by will be sentenced next year at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.

Clive Kavanagh (42) was supposed to hold open the security door of the store for his two accomplices, but he let it close behind him, leaving the pair to wait until another customer was coming in.

Michael Martin (26) entered the shop with a loaded sawn-off shotgun but fled after he was confronted by the store owner, Mr Ken McDonagh, who wrestled the weapon from him as Clive Kavanagh cowered behind a female customer.

Passers-by held Martin on the street and alerted gardai.

Inside, the third robber, Glen Kavanagh (35), was loading a hold-all bag with Rolex and Cartier watches valued at almost €100,000 before Mr McDonagh, who feared he would be attacked, struck him on the head with the butt end of the gun. Gardai arrived and arrested all three robbers.

Clive Kavanagh of Portland Row; his nephew Glen Kavanagh of Dunne Street Flats; and Michael Martin, of Upper Oriel Street, pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of a firearm at Dawson Jewellers, Dawson Street (pictured) on November 6, 2009.

Judge Tony Hunt adjourned sentencing until March 14, 2011.