Aoife Finneran: What concert did Sile think she was at? Wet Wet Wet?

Aoife Finneran

YOU'D think that being on TV, having a public profile and a desire to do well in entertainment would provide Sile Seoige with some automatic filters for avoiding controversy.

Indeed, you'd think.

Yet, barely a week after entertaining the nation's children with her commentary of the St Patrick's Day parade, Galway's finest has been providing a rather different sort of titillation in what has to go down as the most childish and publicity-seeking stunt of the year.

And believe me, this time it's not the sort of coverage you'd proudly bring home to mammy and daddy.

In a move that will do no harm at all to her popularity among red-blooded males, Sile used her Twitter account to declare: "May regret this tweet but I think I just came at the Kylie gig...seriously... that good".

I shudder to think how many innocent, impressionable kids will have read that and wondered what was all the fuss about, prompting all manner of awkward questions like "came where Mammy?"


Sure, celebrities are allowed to have their fun, but shouldn't they also remember that as public figures they also have responsibilities?

There's something disgustingly inappropriate about the girl who presented the St Patrick's Day parade coverage talking about orgasms on the internet. Time and place love, time and place. What class of a concert did she think she was at, Wet Wet Wet?

Clearly Sile's sense of cop-on is away on holidays this week, so she never stopped to think that such a crass remark could reflect so badly on her.

At her age, surely she's old enough to know that what's put on the internet stays on the internet -- forever.

And furthermore, while that childish comment might have been hilarious among a group of her close friends, or indeed on an episode of Loose Women, on Twitter it smacks of a sad attempt to seek attention.

Well Sile, you certainly got your attention, mainly from the aforementioned red-blooded males who could hardly believe their eyes when they clapped eyes on this raunchy Tweet.

Worryingly for her, it doesn't exactly strengthen her case for being a consummate professional if she can't even avoid lewd Tweets at a Kylie concert.

There's a price to be paid for having a public profile, and that price is adhering to a level of decorum that doesn't let you down in the face of those who look up to you.


Perhaps if Sile was the presenter of a hugely successful no-holds-barred late night ladies' talk show, that kind of Tweet would probably be expected of her. But when her last public gig saw her chatting to puppets and kids on St Patrick's Day, it's time to put a PG rating on all visible comments and activities.

She's learning a harsh lesson -- that Tweeting thumbs are a dangerous thing.