Aoibhin off to China on tour goes east with show

By Kirsty Blake Knox

The Fall actress Aoibhin Garrihy is jet setting off to China to with The Gate Theatre's production of Pride and Prejudice.

The show will be staged as part of the prestigious Hong Kong Arts Festival and Aoibhin can't wait to check out the sights and sounds of the city in between performances.

"It's certainly one way to tick China off the bucket list in style," she told the Herald.

"The show has sold out since December. It's a busy performance schedule but we hope to make the most of our time there.

"Seeing the sights and, of course, doing some shopping is high on my agenda."

And the slim blonde plans on sampling some of the local cuisine.

"Downtime in rehearsals have been taken up with food itinerary planning," she laughed.

Garrihy plays the part of Jane Bennett in Jane Austen's classic text, sharing the stage with Lorna Quinn and Stephen Brennan.

The show was originally staged in 2014 and won rave reviews.

"The play has been revived before so we're used to reuniting. It's the show that keeps on giving really," she said.

When she returns from China, Garrihy will return to work with her drama school in Ennis - Actors and Reactors.