Angela's own lord of the rings

NEWLY-wed Angela Scanlon has revealed how her hubby Roy was quite the romantic from the beginning.

The pair have been together for five years, got engaged in India last summer, and were married in an intimate ceremony in Wicklow this July.

One of Roy's romantic gestures came early in their relationship, she revealed.

"I had a cheap version of this ring - a gold circular ring with a swallow in the centre - which I wore on my right index finger every day even though it turned my skin green," the top stylist (inset) said.

"Roy secretly had it copied in real gold by a jewellery designer and presented it to me on one of our first Christmases together.

"It was the most romantic thing ever."

The Getaways presenter also admits that she's not a home-maker now that they're married.

"I am not a domestic goddess," she says. "Actually that's laughable. I'm a bloody disaster.

"I'm good at making a home nice; buying flowers and beautiful rugs and art and cushions but the mundane running of a home has never been strength of mine," she added.