Andy is a perfect fit for racing coverage on TV

I wasn't in Thurles yesterday but I have to say that I really enjoyed watching the coverage on At The Races and I was really impressed with Andy McNamara who was part of their line up.

Andy (pictured) has started to do a bit for At The Races in recent weeks and he is a breath of fresh air on the coverage and he is also set to join the RTÉ team at the Irish Champion Hurdle meeting next weekend which is fantastic.

Andy is obviously still right in the middle of things still being a jockey, but he has a great voice, is knowledge and has a way about himself in front of a camera and it's great to see both At The Races and RTÉ bring somebody in like that. After-all, Dad is not getting any younger although he is as contrary as ever so fresh faces will do no harm whatsoever!

RTÉ are also bringing Richard Pugh in to do some work for them and I think he'll be a great addition also.

Richard is also very knowledgeable about the sport and along with Andy will do a very good job in portraying the game to the general public and I'm only waiting for Dad and Richard to get into a good argument about something on air because that will be worth watching because they both think they are always right!