Anchors are salvaged from gun-run ship

Majella O'Sullivan

TWO anchors from the most famous gunrunning ship in Irish history have been recovered from the wreck of the Aud.

The German liner with its cargo of arms destined for the Irish Volunteers was scuttled in Cork Harbour in April 1916 where it has lain ever since.

The 20,000 Russian rifles, 10 machine guns and five millions rounds of ammunition onboard went down with the ship.

The famous gunrun of 1916 was masterminded by Sir Roger Casement, using the German ship, the SMS Libau disguised as a Norwegian liner and renamed the Aud.

The recovery expedition was led by Tralee-based marine archeologist, Laurence Dunne, and Dungarvan diver Eoin McGarry and licensed by the Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht Affair.