Amy Winehouse to Mark Ronson: 'You're dead to me'

Heidi Blake

Amy Winehouse attempted to sever relations with Mark Ronson in a Twitter tirade in which she accused her producer of stealing the credit for her hit album Back to Black.

The 27-year-old singer posted the outburst on the microblogging site at 5.16am last Friday after Ronson's BBC Two interview with Jools Holland was broadcast, in which he claimed to have "dreamed up" all the rhythm and backing arrangements for her 2006 album.

Using her Twitter account @amyjademermaid she wrote: "ronson you're dead to me; one album i write an you take half the credit- make a career out of it? don't think so BRUV".

Asked by Holland to explain the role of a producer, Ronson had replied: "Working with someone like Amy Winehouse, she would come to me with just a song on an acoustic guitar and then you'd kind of dream up the rhythm arrangements and the track around it, all sorts of things. It's really different, artist to artist."

The DJ-turned-musician gave Winehouse's biggest album, Back to Black, its critically-acclaimed Motown-style backing as co-producer. He also used the 27-year-old to sing Valerie, the biggest hit on his own covers album Version, which won him a Brit Award for Best Male Artist in 2008.

The pair reportedly fell out when Winehouse's well-documented drug abuse stood in the way of their collaboration on the theme song to the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. But all appeared to be forgotten when the singer joined Ronson's band on stage at a London club in July.

The latest spat may yet be patched up just as quickly. At 6am this morning, a contrite Winehouse posted on her Twitter page: "ronson i love you; that make it better? you knoww i love you- it's a jew thingz x whup rza".

Ronson, the son of wealthy Jewish parents, is considered one of the most agreeable figures in the music business. Winehouse, who is also Jewish, is well known for her volatile temper.