Amy shocks in new TV series

Anna Coogan

With her toothy smile and girlish good looks, Amy Huberman is the epitome of wholesome sexuality.

Married to rugby captain Brian O'Driscoll, she is one half of our golden couple. Heck, there was even talk of getting them into the Aras, and there are some people who would give their vote for virtue to Amy before Dana.

So the trailer for Huberman's new TV series Threesome, in which the 31-year-old star is seen snogging two men at once, while wearing only lingerie, is causing a 'Well Holy God' moment among her fans.

The first episode of the Dublin actress's new raunchy Comedy Channel series bears the cheeky title No Eye Contact, No C**k Touching. The sitcom sees Huberman in her raunchiest sex scene yet in a three-in-a-bed romp and is expected to get the Irish star a lot of attention in the UK.

Crikey. So has petite and pretty-as-a-saint star unleashed her dark side?

Huberman's fans, who fell in love with her as Daisy O'Callaghan in The Clinic, are in for a shock according to a source close to her new TV drama.

"Amy has made her name on these shores as a clean-cut girl-next-door, the type that wouldn't be caught dead falling out of a nightclub drunk or caught up in a scandal. She's whiter than white.

"So that's why her new role will knock people for six. She wanted to work on something outside her comfort zone. This is going to grab a lot of headlines when it airs."


Indeed. We may never have seen the Dubliner in a sexier role, yet we've never seen her in a funnier role either.

So, is Huberman about to be dubbed one of the 'good girls gone bad'? Gorgeous singer Rihanna raised a laugh here recently when she was asked by a Northern Ireland farmer to preserve her modesty and put some clothes on during the filming of a sexy video. When she made her jump to the US from Barbados, she was a cute pop singer. Yet, by her third studio album Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna had become 'fierce'.

'Fierce', the new word for 'out there', involves her singing about loving S&M, posing nude, behaving raunchily on stage, and wearing a pendant featuring a four letter word beginning with the letter C.

Hollywood star Vanessa Hudgens started out as a sweet-faced teenager on Disney's High School Musical, but her squeaky-clean image was transformed when the naked photos she was sexting to then-boyfriend Zac Efron leaked on the internet.

But perhaps the most striking transformation from goody-two-shoes to wild child was that of teen star Miley Cyrus. As she approached adulthood there were leaked scandalous mobile phone photos, older unsuitable boyfriends, lap dances, almost nude magazine covers, barely-there outfits and the suggestion of drug taking.

Of course, we had seen it all before with Britney Spears. Spears was a self-proclaimed virgin and teen Disney singing sensation, yet moving into adulthood she had a doomed Vegas marriage with a schoolfriend, followed by a train-wreck marriage with dancer Kevin Federline. Rehab, rumoured drug use, and a mental breakdown also kept her in the headlines.


Not all good to bad girl transitions work. Jennifer Aniston was everyone's favorite girl next door, but under pressure to maintain her sex appeal she posed provocatively for GQ magazine. Yet, with constant comparisons to Angelina Jolie, it seems Aniston is doomed to always being a good girl.

Might Huberman's sweet good looks mean will always be a good girl forever, despite her raunchy TV series, Threesome?

She plays Alice, who lives with her boyfriend Mitch (Stephen Wight) and their gay best friend Richie (Emun Elliott). They decide to have a threesome while on a night out. The night's result is a baby, which the three decide to rear together, which sets the scene for this new seven-part comedy series.

Huberman is currently in New Zealand supporting her husband in the World Cup. She has tweeted to say she is really 'giddy' about her new TV series, which starts on Comedy Central, October 17.

Gobsmacked is probably the word to describe how some of her fans feel.