Amy is left holding the baby as hit sitcom returns for ‘chaotic’ new run

Kirsty Blake Knox

LEGENDARY comic WC Fields said that anyone who hates children and animals can't be all bad.

He was joking, probably. But now an informed insider has revealed that, at times, actress Amy Huberman found filming season two of Comedy Central hit series Threesome something of ‘a challenge’.

“Things are always interesting with a baby in your arms,” the source said, “it makes any television series more demanding.”

The show’s producers have promised that the fourth member of the Threesome trio – baby Lily Owen Valentine Ennis – will “usher in an era of glorious chaos” in each episode of the show.

The show makes a return to the Comedy Central next month.

The second series sees three become four with Alice (Amy), Mitch (Stephen Wright) and Richie (Emun Elliott) adapting to their new lives as parents.

Fans will see the trio put their hedonistic lives behind them, taking their parental responsibilities seriously.

But they’ll also see obsessive security guards, criminally incompetent secretaries and predatory ex-boyfriends all contribute to making their world just a little more difficult.

Sources close to Amy (33) say she “is very excited about the new series. It’s a great sign of approval when any series is commissioned again. But especially given that this is Comedy Central’s first ever scripted comedy series”.

The series, which debuted last year, has been a big hit both in critical and commercial terms, with Amy being nominated for a Glamour Award.

The show has been so popular that the second season was recently pushed back to a better slot in the autumn schedule by Comedy Central executives.

“Once the producers saw how strong the second season was they moved it to a later date,” the same insider told the Herald earlier this month.

The new series promises to be a lot zanier, following the unlikely threesome as they begin raising their baby. There are to be games of ‘spin the baby', and a range of wacky characters on the show.

No wonder the producers have promised that this vision of parenthood is definitely ‘unique'.

The second series, which airs October 1, will also feature several celebrity cameos – including comedian Bill Bailey.

Ian Fitzgibbon – of The Clinic and Paths to Freedom fame – will return as director.

All in all, it’s set to be a busy month for IFTA-award winning actress Amy, who is married to Irish rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll.

Her latest book, I Wished For You, hits the shelves this November.