Amanda denies 'gossip' that she's fallen out with BGT blow-in Alesha

By Laura Butler

ACTRESS Amanda Holden has hit back at claims that she and fellow Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon have fallen out.

The 41-year-old explained that she was "disappointed" by reports of back-stage squabbles and rumours over rows about how much screen time each of them is given on the show.

Mum-of-two Amanda insisted she wanted to set the record straight because she did not want her daughters to read "untruths".

She said that she wants to raise her children Lexi (six) and three-month-old Hollie, to respect other women.

"As a mother of two girls, I am raising them to be considerate and respectful of other women and each other. I cannot stand by and let untruths be printed or posted online which they may possibly read in the future," she said.

In a message posted on her website, the blonde personality added that she and Dixon had predicted that people would make up stories about their rivalry.

But the telly star -- who almost died following the birth of second child Hollie in January -- said they had a "genuine friendship" and had no plans to leave ITV1's Britain's Got Talent (BGT).

"After the last year's events and the publicity I have, by default, gained, I hope to be considered a role model and ambassador for hundreds of women and girls across the UK.

"I therefore cannot condone such malicious gossip as myself and Alesha 'being at loggerheads'.

"Both Alesha and I are hugely disappointed that everything we predicted to happen has -- despite us sharing a genuine friendship. I hope to be back for series seven of BGT and have never considered leaving," she said.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell's series has been trampled in the ratings stakes for the third week in row by The Voice.

The BBC show, which features our own Danny O'Donoghue, is only in the Battle stages of the competition, but has beaten BGT in viewership. Saturday's instalment attracted an average of 9.9m viewers, while BGT only drew in audiences of 9.3m.

ITV moved BGT to a later slot of 8.30pm, because it repeatedly lost out when the programmes had a 20-minute clash. However, it wasn't enough to garner a BGT ratings win.

The Voice drew the highest peak audience with 11.6m, while ITV said its peak was 11.1m.