Always have a Plan B for rainy days and work delays

Sabrina Carey

Sabrina Carey

Sweat bands at the ready - it's time to plan for Vhi Healthcare Women's Mini Marathon 2015.

But before you start sweating even at the thought, we have some tips to put your mind and body at ease.

Get Real: Make things easier on yourself by setting realistic and achievable goals. It is important to be honest with yourself while at the same time still challenging your comfort zone. Remember try at first and if you don't succeed, then revise your strategy and try again.

Avoid the Terrible Toos: Going too far too fast, before your body is ready, is one of the most common causes of injuries.

Instead, gradually build up the time you spend walking or running. Joining a group or club can also be a huge help as guidance will be provided.

It's All About the Base: Start slowly, aiming to hold a conversation comfortably while you exercise.

Focus on developing your base cardiovascular fitness. Increase time or distance, rather than pace.

Convenience is Key: You must make your training plan part of your routine and lifestyle. Choose a time which is best for you and allows you to perform at your optimum. Get a great workout with a kettlebell, dumbbells, a skipping rope, a bosu ball and an exercise mat. Perform alternating weights and cardio exercises using the dumbbells/ Kettlebells and the skipping rope. Go online or call in-store to speak to an Elverys Sports staff member.

Creature of Habit: If you intend on meeting a friend, hitting the gym or working out on your lunch break then it is essential you pack your gear bag the night before.

This will avoid any temptation to skip your exercise session when you are leaving the house in the morning.

Plan B at the Ready: Instead of being shocked that it is raining, you have got stuck in work or the pool is closed for renovations plan for the "what if's".

If you are flexible and can react to minor problems then you can swap workouts around or find another type of workout to complete. Having access to machines in your own home such as a treadmill, exercise bike or an elliptical provides back-up.

Sabrina Carey is Elverys Sports Power Team Leader