A further €18k of our cash lost in bins fiasco

Conor Boyle

DUBLIN City Council has forked out another €18,000 on legal advice for the bin collection fiasco.

This time the council has hired Arthur Cox Solicitors to help it deal with the Data Protection Commissioner.

The commissioner has already rapped city officials for handing over details of their bin customers to private company Greyhound.

A former Lord Mayor today condemned the spending, saying that "at a time when every cent counts, we have to question the needless spending of public money".

Cllr Gerry Breen said it would have been a better idea for the council to have engaged with the Data Protection Commissioner before transferring the data, rather than waiting until after and having to cough up for hefty legal advice.

The Herald previously revealed how Dublin City Council spent €250,000 hiring consultants to deal with the transfer.