80pc of us want to quit smoking

Almost eight in every 10 smokers in Ireland want to kick the habit, new research claims.

This is higher than most other European countries, the study finds.

Norma Cronin, of the Irish Cancer Society, said the report shows Ireland has a lot more to do despite leading the world in anti-smoking laws.

"It is important that the Government and the Health Service Executive set targets so that we can bring down the numbers of people smoking to 20pc by 2020," she said.

The poll found 79pc of Irish smokers want to quit the habit compared with a European average of 67pc.

US tourists die in boat horror

Two American tourists have been killed in an accident at the Iguazu Falls on northern Argentina's border with Brazil.

Laura Matejik Eberts (28) and Philip Musgrove (70) were in an inflatable boat which flipped over after hitting rocks near the base of the waterfall.

Five other people suffered injuries and were treated at a hospital.

The injured included one American, two Germans, one Colombian and one Argentine.

Mental test for gun suspect

A US judge has ordered the suspect in Tucson's shooting rampage to undergo a mental evaluation at a specialised facility as soon as possible.

In a ruling, US District Judge Larry Burns said the evaluation of Jared Lee Loughner will be videotaped and provided to prosecutors and defence attorneys.

The January 8 attack killed six and injured 13, including Democrat politician Gabrielle Giffords.

Bride arrested for kicking cop

A bride has been arrested at her own wedding reception after she kicked a police officer.

Police had to restrain 28-year-old Angela Davito after she became disorderly at the Arizona home where her reception was held.

Officers pepper-sprayed the crowd after a brawl broke out at the back of the house.

Davito then kicked an officer and was arrested on charges of assault.