¤73k for baby mix-up parents

A Russian court has ordered a maternity hospital to pay two families about ¤73,000 each for mixing up their newlyborn daughters 12 years ago.

The twist of fate was uncovered by a genetic test for alimony proceedings that showed the astounded parents of one of the children that the girl they had brought up since birth was not in fact their biological daughter.

The mix-up is thought to have occurred partly because the girls' mothers had similar surnames beginning with four identical letters and gave birth at the same ward just 15 minutes apart.

China rocked by two quakes

Two moderate earthquakes shook China's northwest and southwest regions this morning.

A magnitude-6 quake hit China's Xinjiang region while another struck the area bordering Sichuan and Gansu provinces.

There were no reports of injuries or damage.

China's worst quake in recent years was magnitude-7.9 in Sichuan in May 2008 that left nearly 90,000 people dead.

Blunder killed Disney worker

A monorail crash that killed a Walt Disney World worker in 2009 in Florida was caused by a failure to properly position a track switch.

The report released by the US National Transportation Safety Board also faulted a monorail manager for failing to verify the position of the switch.

The report said that at the time of the crash the manager was at a restaurant.

School 'sniper'

suspect held

AN American man who authorities fear may have been plotting a sniper attack on a high school football game is to face trial on firearms charges.

A US federal judge in Oregon said Raphael Enrique Amoroso (26) poses a danger to his community.

Amoroso was arrested on a drunk-driving charge on October 7 after a police officer saw him leave a parking lot at Grants Pass High School hours after a football game.

Police said he had a loaded pistol and a novel about a sniper attack on a football game.