62 die as truck and bus collide

More than 60 people died in a road accident on a highway in Pakistan when a truck carrying chemicals collided with a bus and caught fire.

Sixty-two burnt, unidentifiable bodies were recovered from the site, Saleem Khan, spokesman for the health department of southern Sindh province, said in a text message.

"There were over 70 passengers on the bus at the time of the accident," Shoaib Ahmed Siddique, commissioner of Karachi, said by phone. "It seems that the chemicals in the truck caught fire almost immediately."

Teen girls held in bid to join IS

Austrian law enforcement officials say two teenage girls have been detained on suspicion of seeking to travel to Syria as potential wives for militants fighting there.

Marcus Neher, of the Salzburg public prosecutor's office, says they were detained in Salzburg and Upper Austria province on Saturday.

He said they were "offering themselves as spouses for IS fighters".

The Austria Press Agency says the Salzburg suspect was 16 and originally came from Chechnya, while the other girl was 17 and born in Bosnia.

'Gay' question for army recruits

Recruits to Britain's armed forces will be asked if they are gay in a move to improve diversity in the military.

Details of service personnel's sexual preference will be stored, but recruits have the option to "prefer not to say".

The measure has been introduced in a bid to foster greater tolerance within the armed forces, which only allowed gay soldiers to openly serve in 2000.

Recruits will also be invited to provide information on how open they feel they can be regarding their sexual orientation.