36 dead in train station crush

THE death toll from a stampede in a train station has risen to 36 in an Indian city where millions had gathered for a Hindu festival.

At least 36 other pilgrims were injured in the crush in the city of Allahabad, medical superintendent Dr P Padmakar of the main state-run hospital said. Padmakar said 23 of the dead were women.

Tens of thousands of people were in the city's main rail station waiting to board a train when railway officials announced a last-minute change in the platform, forcing people to rush there, eyewitnesses said.

"We started moving towards that platform, we were stopped. Then suddenly the police charged us with batons and the stampede started," passenger Shushanto Kumar Sen said.

Prowler found thanks to phone

POLICE in the US said a prowler got himself arrested after his mobile turned informant. Twice.

An emergency operator traced an accidental emergency service call to a home in Ohio.

Sheriff's deputies dispatched to check on the house found a window forced open. They arrested Douglas Wolaver inside.

The sheriff's office said Wolaver was found in a bathroom after his phone's low-battery alert led deputies to his hiding place.

Dublin makes romance list

THOSE flying off for Valentine's Day seem to be shunning traditional romantic destinations, a survey shows.

Venice, Rome and Paris all fail to make it into the top 10 Valentine destinations, the Gatwick airport poll showed.

Instead, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin all feature.

The most popular destination is Geneva followed by Amsterdam, with Edinburgh third, Belfast seventh and Dublin eighth.

Lightbulb still lit 130 years on

A LIGHTBULB is still shining after 130 years.

The bulb, dating from 1883, first belonged to the late Florence Crook.

It passed down to her son Kenneth, in Morecambe, England, and is still in use by his widow Beth (79).

She said: "It's a real talking point. There is no substitute for craftsmanship."