25 Amazing secrets to turn back time

Anna Coogan

1 Eat broccoli: It's high in chromium, a mineral that helps the pancreas stabilise insulin release so you don't get the fluctuating blood sugar levels that can lead to cravings. Crucially, it also helps ward off middle-age spread.

2 Cut down on alcohol: The risk of alcohol-related skin ageing becomes higher when we reach our 30s. Alcohol is a toxin and notoriously dehydrating, and regular drinking will eventually result in deeper lines on your face -- where everybody can see them.

3Wear lip gloss: Lips get thinner and drier with age. Dark lip liner and matte lipstick draws attention to the fine lines around our lips. Instead, use lip gloss for a fresh, youthful shine.

4 Buy the right size: A mistake many women make when trying to slim down is to buy clothes which are too tight for them, in the belief they'll fit into them in a few weeks after they've lost a few pounds. Yet the right fit will automatically make you look slimmer!

5 Be young in attitude: As the quote goes, 'Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional'. Nothing ages a face quicker than a moany attitude, and a lack of curiosity about, or enthusiasm for, life.

6 Eat almonds: They're high in calcium and magnesium, which helps banish water retention. They're also packed with vitamin E, which helps balance hormone levels.

7 Eat or drink dark chocolate: A daily cocoa habit may well rejuvenate your complexion. Women who drank half a cup of cocoa high in flavonoids (like dark chocolate) every day for 12 weeks for a study had softer, smoother and better hydrated skin at the end.

8 Pamper your neck and chest: The neck and chest are first to show the signs of ageing (they have fewer oil glands than the rest of your body), yet many of us ignore them. Look for moisturisers that have age-fighting ingredients such as vitamin A (retinols), kinetin, copper or vitamin C.

9 Walk it off: Walking helps shed pounds and also strengthens bones. Liz Hurley (46) is definitely defying the hands of time, and the actress and model recommends a 30-minute walk each day to improve circulation and "get things moving".

10 Cancel caked-on make-up: Lighten up on foundation and concealer. It's tempting to increase coverage to even out skin tone, but cakey make-up can seep into wrinkles and make them look deeper.

11Quit caffeine: Drinking coffee or any caffeinated drink with meals is known to inhibit the absorption of iron and calcium from food, so heavy caffeine drinkers (six a day) are at risk of anaemia and osteoporosis.

12 Get colourful: Head-to-toe black can be slimming yet as we age the colour black near our face can be very draining. A splash of light colour in a scarf or even earrings can reflect some flattering light where we need it most.

13 Stand tall: Poor posture makes you look older, and could be the first step toward dowager's hump, double chin, or potbelly, as well as some internal problems. Make a point to stand straight with shoulders back . . . chin up not down. It's one of 66-year-old Helen Mirren's top tips. The actress has said: "Holding in your stomach is another great trick for making you look and feel good."

14 Use sun protection: Wear sunscreen every day, rain or sunshine. Even in winter it can take just 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure to damage the skin.

15 Go fishing: Or, failing that, eat oily fish or take high-grade fish-oil supplements. None of us consume enough essential fatty acids, which, as well as helping our brains to function more smoothly, are considered vital to keep skin-cell-membranes in good health and stop the skin from getting too dry.

16 Don't diet strenuously: If you lose enough weight to show a huge difference to the size of your stomach and hips, then the other place where the loss will really show is in your face. You don't want to end up looking gaunt.

17 Hello sexy: Studies have found that couples who make love frequently look more than 10 years younger than the average adult who has sex less often. It seems the pleasure derived from sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth.

18 Guzzle green tea: This celebrity favourite is rich in flavonoids -- antioxidants that can help protect the skin against ageing and reduce damage caused by the sun.

19 Quit smoking: Smoking ages skin faster than anything else apart from sun damage. Smoking is also linked to early onset of the menopause in women. Most devastating of all is the skin damage -- the ageing effect of smoking on the skin is worse for women, who are more likely to develop "smoker's face" than male smokers.

20 Fake a tan: There's no excuse for frying yourself on a beach and ruining your skin when there are so many good fake tans on the market. The key to the perfect fake tan is to make sure you have a smooth base, so exfoliate and moisturise the day before.

21Eat blueberries: They contain the second most age-busting antioxidants of any fruit. Plus they're high in collagen-stimulating vitamin C -- vital for youthful skin.

22 Eat tomatoes: They contain vital skin vitamins A, C and E. They are also an important source of the antioxidant lycopene.

23 Get a bra fitting: Wearing a bra that is too big or too small can make you look sloppy, heavy and older. Your bra should make your breasts look curvaceous, not crashing.

24 wear pointy-toed high heels: Stilettos will make your legs and torso look slim and youthful. They'll tone down your calves and give you extra length. Avoid square-toe shoes with chunky heels -- they can make you look wider and older.

25 take up yoga: Yoga helps protect joints and keeps muscles flexible. Geri Halliwell (39) maintains her shape with a combination of brisk walking, swimming and yoga.