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VAT change cuts parking revenue at hospital by €144,000

Car parking revenue at Wexford General Hospital fell last year by a massive €144,496 to €585,138 due to a new requirement to pay VAT.

In 2019, the hospital was obliged under new regulations to pay VAT on its income from parking charges which was previously not the case.

'Last year was the first time we had to pay VAT which did not apply to car parking before', said hospital general manager Lily Burns.

The news came as figures showed Ireland's public hospitals earned a total of just over €11.7 million from car parking during the year.

Many hospitals around the country reported large increases in income from parking charges but the take at Wexford General was shown to be down and a small number of other hospitals also saw decreases.

At Wexford hospital, there was a steady increase in income over several years, rising from €585.12 in 2011 to €729,634 in 2017 and €730,208 in 2018 before falling last year.

However, Ms. Burns said the 2019 income was on a par with previous years and the reduction was due to the VAT payment.

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