Friday 20 April 2018

Work begins on long-awaited handball alley in Gorey

Fintan Lambe

After more than a decade, work has finally begun on constructing a new handball alley in Gorey town.

A sum of money has been held in trust since the sale of the site of the old ball alley on Wexford Street to Wexford County Council for a car park approximately a decade ago.

Various locations for a new handball alley have been suggested over the years including the Showgrounds, and Naomh Éanna where plans were announced in 2012 to build an alley as part of the new viewing stand project.

Then in 2015, Gorey Community School was given permission for a new handball alley, and builders recently moved in on site.

School principal Michael Finn explained that funding for the project has come from the proceeds of the sale of the old ball alley, and that they have worked with various groups to bring it to fruition. 'I'm delighted it will be built,' he said.

The new building will be located at the entrance to the school, between the public car park on Esmonde Street and the school basketball court. Michael said that it will serve Gorey Handball Club in the evenings and at weekends and will be available to the students during the day and after school for extra-curricular activities.

A door will open onto the car park, while another will be located on the school grounds. 'The community will be able to access it without coming into the grounds,' said Michael.

The building will include one handball alley, toilets and showers and a viewing area. Mr Finn that it has been designed in a way that more alleys can be added on to it if needed.

No other source of funding has been committed so far. 'We have enough money to bring it to a certain point of completion,' said Michael. 'The handball club will be looking for additional funding to finish it completely.'

He said the builders have made a very good start, and have benefited from the recent good weather. 'The deadline is the beginning of June,' said Michael. 'We don't want the works going on during the state exams.'

'We're absolutely delighted,' he continued. 'It's an additional facility for the school, and for the community as a whole.'

Gorey Guardian