Tuesday 25 June 2019

We'll leave it there so as Bill bows out

ON MONDAY evening, the World Cup came to an end but more there was only one farewell I was interested in - that of Bill O'Herlihy's.

His face will always be synonymous with football for me. I once had the pleasure of serving him when I worked in a well-known supermarket and I can confirm that he was just as lovely and grandfather-like as his on-screen persona suggests.

The panel will not be the same without him and God help whoever has to fill his shoes.

From his owning of the swivel chair, to the waving of his hands and his fondness for arming himself with a pen when making a point, he was brilliant and he was unique and he will be sorely missed.

How he held it together after that montage celebrating his nearly five decades is beyond me, as even I (and especially her indoors) suddenly found ourselves with dust in the eyes (especially when he himself nearly lost it, is there anything sadder than upset old people?).

At least he can hopefully live on (I know he's not dead) through his brilliant 'Apres Match' alter ego. It really has been a pleasure to watch him all my life. We'll leave it there so.

Gorey Guardian