Saturday 18 November 2017

Soccer results and fixtures

Brendan Lawlor of New Ross Town dives in to tackle New Ross Celtic's Damien Cullen in the L.F.A. Junior Cup derby on Sunday last which Celtic won 2-0.
Brendan Lawlor of New Ross Town dives in to tackle New Ross Celtic's Damien Cullen in the L.F.A. Junior Cup derby on Sunday last which Celtic won 2-0.

ADULT RESULTS - Leinster Junior Cup second round: St. Paul's Artane 4, Moyne Rangers 1; North End United 8, Vianney Boys 0 (abandoned after 83 minutes).

O'Neills L.F.A. Junior Cup third round: Landen United 1, Ferns United 3; New Ross Town 0, New Ross Celtic 2.

Spinglo Premier Division: Courtown Hibs 3, Forth Celtic 1; Gorey Rangers 2, Wexford Bohs 0; Shamrock Rovers 6, Park Hotspur 1.

Spinglo Division 1: Enniscorthy United 1, Wexford Celtic 1; Bridge Rovers 2, Rosslare Rangers 1; Kilmore United 3, Adamstown 3; Curracloe United 0, Ajax Athletic 1; Shamrock Rovers 3, St. Leonards 2.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2: All Blacks 0, Taghmon United 3; Cloughbawn 4, St. Joseph's 3; Gorey Celtic 0, Tombrack United 0; Crossabeg 0, North End United 2; St. Cormac's 3, Duncannon 1.

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Cushinstown 2, Rosslare Strand 4; Fastnet Rovers 2, Enniscorthy Town 3; Ferns United 3, Killenagh 1; Gorey Rangers 2, Wexford Bohs 0; Raheen FC 5, Rathnure 3; Shelburne 6, New Ross Celtic 2.

Division 3: Caim United 8, Rosslare Rangers 2; Camolin Celtic 0, Moyne Rangers 2; Campile United 1, Shamrock Rovers 1; Forth Celtic 5, Blackwater 0; Orrill United 2, Fethard Rangers 4.

Division 3A: Adamstown 0, Enniscorthy United 4; Ballymurn Celtic 8, All Blacks 1; Ballindaggin 1, Coolgreany Celtic 1 (abandoned after 76 minutes); Castledockrell 1, Crossabeg 2; Gorey Celtic 3, Wexford Celtic 4; Gorey Rangers 2, Boolavogue 0.

Division 4: Bridge Rovers 2, Park Hotspur 1; Cloughbawn v. Rosbercon (off); Courtown Hibs 5, Enniscorthy Town 3; Curracloe United 1, Ballagh 1; Oylegate v. North End United (off); Stoney Rovers 1, St. Leonards 1.

Division 4A: Caim United 3, Cloughbawn 6; Fastnet Rovers 2, Kilmore United 3; Forth Celtic 1, Corach Ramblers 0; Rosslare Port 2, Wexford Bohs 0; Shelburne 4, St. Joseph's 0; St. Cormac's 2, Ajax Athletic 3.

Division 5: Camolin Celtic 2, Moyne Rangers 3; Castledockrell v. Rosbercon (off); Orrill United 2, Ballymurn Celtic 4; New Ross Celtic 1, Taghmon United 0; Oylegate 2, Tombrack United 2; Raheen FC 5, Crossabeg 1.


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 Oscar Traynor Trophy (2.00): Kilkenny League v. Wexford Football League (Derdimus, Kilkenny).

F.A.I. Junior Cup third round (12.00): Bunclody v. Bridge United (K. Dunne).

Spinglo Premier Division (11.00): Campile United v. Gorey Rangers (D. Donovan).

Spinglo Division 1 (11.00): Enniscorthy United v. Curracloe United (M. Franklin); Ferns United v. St. Leonards (N. Boland); Bridge Rovers v. Kilmore United (J. O'Neill); Rosslare Rangers v. Shamrock Rovers (N. O'Connor); Wexford Celtic v. Adamstown (A. Doran).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2 (11.00): Crossabeg v. Stoney Rovers (B. Martin); Gorey Celtic v. Corach Ramblers (M. Hogan); North End United v. Duncannon (R. Murphy); St. Joseph's v. St. Cormac's (M. Comiskey); Taghmon United v. Cloughbawn (J. Kelly); Tombrack United v. All Blacks (S. Kelly).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Enniscorthy Town v. Shelburne (11.00, D. Gaul); Ferns United v. Rosslare Strand (1.00, G. Cleary); Killenagh v. Fastnet Rovers (11.00, J. Fortune); Rathnure v. Cushinstown (11.00, M. Rellis); Wexford Bohs v. Raheen FC (11.00, C. Murphy).

Division 3: Blackwater v. Orrill United (11.00, P. Nolan); Bree United v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Doyle); Campile United v. Moyne Rangers (1.00, A. Tobin); Fethard Rangers v. Caim United (11.00, J. Diskin); Rosslare Rangers v. Camolin Celtic (1.00, N. O'Connor); Shamrock Rovers v. Bunclody (11.00, F. Sinnott).

Division 3A: Ballymurn Celtic v. Adamstown (11.00, E. Molloy); Coolgreany Celtic v. Castledockrell (2.00, J. Wafer); Crossabeg v. Gorey Rangers (1.00, M. Kenny); Enniscorthy United v. Ballindaggin (1.00, M. Franklin); Gorey Celtic v. Boolavogue (1.00, G. O'Brien); Wexford Celtic v. All Blacks (1.00, M. Kelly).

Division 4: Ballagh v. Bridge Rovers (11.00, G. Jones); Enniscorthy Town v. Cloughbawn (1.00, S. Hadley); North End United v. Courtown Hibs (1.00, R. Murphy); Oylegate v. St. Leonards (11.00, M. Colfer); Rosbercon v. Curracloe United (11.00, W. Murphy).

Division 4A: Ajax Athletic v. Caim United (11.00, J. Tobin); Cloughbawn v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Colfer); Rosslare Port v. Enniscorthy United (11.00, A. Foley); Kilmore United v. Shelburne (2.00, J. Diskin); St. Joseph's v. St. Cormac's (1.00, T. Kearney); Wexford Bohs v. Fastnet Rovers (1.00, R. Dwyer).

Division 5: Ballymurn Celtic v. Oylegate (1.00, R. Buckley); Camolin Celtic v. Crossabeg (11.00, B. Murphy); Moyne Rangers v. Ferns United (11.00, S. Vardy); Rosbercon v. Orrill United (1.00, W. Murphy); Taghmon United v. Castledockrell (1.00, B. Holohan); Tombrack United v. Raheen FC (1.00, S. Kelly).


L.F.A. Youth Cup second round: Parkville 0, Wexford Youths 6.


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17 L.F.A. Youth Cup second round: Kilmore United v. Abbeyleix Athletic (2.00, B. Fenlon); New Ross Celtic v. Gorey Celtic (11.00, K. Dunne); Duncannon v. North End United (11.00, R. Murphy).

Premier Division (11.00): Moyne Rangers v. Cloughbawn (M. Franklin); Forth Celtic v. Wexford Youths (D. Donovan).

Division 1 (11.00): Curracloe United v. Bunclody (M. Comiskey); Gorey Rangers v. Bridge Rovers (N. O'Connor); Bree United v. Rosslare Rangers (M. Hogan).

Division 2: Crossabeg v. Campile United (11.00, J. Fortune); Ferns United v. Wexford Celtic (11.00, B. Murphy); Moyne Rangers v. Adamstown (1.00, G. Cleary).

Division 3: Forth Celtic v. Fethard Rangers (1.00, J. Diskin); Rathnure v. Oylegate (11.00, P. Nolan); Rosslare Strand v. St. Leonards (11.00, E. Molloy); Shelburne v. Corach Ramblers (11.00, W. Murphy).

Division 4 (11.00): Gorey Celtic v. Courtown Hibs (S. Vardy); St. Cormac's v. Wexford Celtic (G. O'Brien); St. Joseph's v. Camolin Celtic (M. Colfer).


S.F.A.I. Danone Under-12 Cup third round: Courtown Hibs 1, Thomastown 3.

Under-12 Division 1: Wexford Albion 5, Taghmon United 0; Shelburne United 5, Shamrock Rovers 2; Moyne Rangers 5, North End United 1.

Under-12 Division 1A: Kilmore United 2, Ferns United 4; Rosslare Rangers 2, Campile United 0.

Under-12 Division 2: Bunclody v. Duncannon (off); Rathnure United 2, St. Joseph's 1; Killenagh Wanderers v. New Ross Celtic (off); Gorey Celtic 4, Forth Celtic 2.

Under-12 Division 2A: Cloughbawn 1, Gorey Rangers 2nd 5; Rosslare Strand 3, Wexford Albion 2nd 6; New Ross Town 4, Caim United 5.

Under-12 Division 3: Corach Ramblers 1, Stoney Rovers 1; Enniscorthy United 0, Curracloe United 1; St. Leonards v. Enniscorthy Town (off); Camolin Celtic 2, St. Cormac's 0.

S.F.A.I. Under-14 Cup third round: Bunclody v. Villa (off); Courtown Hibs 2, Clerihan 1.

Under-14 Division 1: New Ross Celtic 5, Moyne Rangers 2; Shelburne United 3, Gorey Rangers 2.

Under-14 Division 1A: Forth Celtic 4, Taghmon United 0; Gorey Celtic 2, St. Cormac's 0; Rosslare Rangers 5, Ferns United 2.

Under-14 Division 2: St. Leonards 8, Caim United 2; Killenagh Wanderers v. Oylegate (off); Campile United 5, Shamrock Rovers 0.

Under-14 Division 2A: Fethard Rangers 4, Wexford Celtic 8; Rosslare Strand 0, Bree United 8.

Under-14 Division 3: New Ross Town 6, Camolin Celtic 6; Wexford Albion 2nd 3, Moyne Rangers 2nd 1; Tombrack United 0, Glynn-Barntown 5.

S.F.A.I. Under-16 Cup third round: Gorey Rangers 3, Ferrybank 2.

Under-16 Division 1: Curracloe United 1, New Ross Celtic 3; Cloughbawn 1, Moyne Rangers 6.

Under-16 Division 1: Crossabeg 1, Forth Celtic 1; Shelburne United 4, Gorey Celtic 3; Bunclody v. Rosslare Rangers (off).

Under-16 Division 2: St. Cormac's 2, Taghmon United 1; Wexford Albion 3, Courtown Hibs 2; Shamrock Rovers 7, Fethard Rangers 3; Ferns United 0, Wexford Celtic 4.

Under-16 Division 2A: Glynn-Barntown 1, Duncannon 8; Corach Ramblers 1, Oylegate 5; Moyne Rangers 2nd , Bridge Rovers 0.

Under-16 Division 3: Rosslare Strand 4, Camolin Celtic 1; St. Leonards 8, Caim United 0; Newpark United 2, Adamstown 7.


Premier Division: Adamstown 1 (Chantelle Martin), Tramore FC 5 (Orla Hickey 2, Niamh Walsh, Vanessa Ogbonna, Rosie Flynn); Seaview United 2 (Bríd Doyle, Jane Banville), Benfica 1 (Stephanie Hallahan); Coolgreany Celtic 1 (Karen Morris), Cloughbawn 2 ( Mary Tyrell, Siobhán GrantMoorehead).

Division 1A: Enniscorthy Town 2 (Bridget McDonald 2), Kilmore United 5 (Jasmine Redmond 3, Katrina Parrock 2); Curracloe United 2 (Amy Banville, Noeleen Shanahan), Killenagh Wanderers 2 (Clare Halvey, Róisín O'Connor); North End United 5 (Leanne O'Reilly 3, Sara Byrne, Martina Pender), Wexford Celtic 1 (Janice Frost).

Division 1B: Glen Celtic 6 (Katie Sludds 3, Michelle Darcy 2, Emma O'Neill), Fastnet Rovers 1 (Joanne Jordan); Corach Ramblers 2 (Shannon McDonald, Ciara Roche), St. Joseph's 2 (Tracey McCormack, Aoife Kavanagh).

Division 2A: Taghmon United 1 (Becky Doyle), Moyne Rangers 1 (Ciara Tobin).

Division 2B: Castledockrell United 11 (Caitríona Murray 4, Ellen Kelly 3, Cáit Doyle 2, Shauna Brennan 2), Campile United 0; Rosslare Strand 2 (Sinéad Fitzpatrick, Ania Blachon), Camolin Celtic 2 (Niamh O'Leary, Megan Murray); Cushinstown 1 (Amie Gaffney), Bree United 0.


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18 Bus Eireann Women's National League (2.00): Raheny United v. Wexford Youth Women (in Morton Stadium).

Premier Division: Tramore FC v. Ferns United (12.00); Seaview United v. Cloughbawn AFC (11.00); Coolgreany Celtic v. Benfica (12.00).

Division 1A (11.00): Kilmore United v. North End United; Shillelagh United v. Wexford Celtic.

Division 1B (11.00): New Ross Town v. St. Joseph's; Fastnet Rovers v. Courtown Hibs; Bunclody AFC v. Forth Celtic; Corach Ramblers v. Glen Celtic.

Division 2A: Tombrack United v. Rosslare Rangers (2.45); Moyne Rangers v. Cloughbawn B (11.00).

Division 2B: Cushinstown v. Castledockrell United (11.00); Crossabeg AFC v. Rosslare Strand (11.00); Camolin Celtic v. Bree United (1.00).


Under-10 Premier Division: Campile United 2 (Amy Ennis 2), Ballindaggin 1 (Aoife O'Leary); Kilmore United 3 (Aimee Bates-Crosbie 3), Moyne Rangers 1.

Under-10 Division 2A: Shelburne 4 (Katie Murphy 3, Jemma Martin), Taghmon United 2 (Cora Banville, Hannah Kehoe); St. Leonards 10 (Clodagh Foran 4, Lauren Roche 4, Eabha Cullen, Aoife Cullen), St. Joseph's 0; All Blacks 1 (Shannon Doyle), Killenagh Wanderers 0.

Under-10 Division 2B: Rosslare Rangers 6 (Zoe 2, Bobbi Culleton, Ciara Rees, Caoimhe Hill, Regan Fenlon), Enniscorthy Town 0; Adamstown 3 (Isabelle Herbert 3), New Ross Town 2 (Ciara Langton 2); Corach Ramblers 1 (Teresa Keating), Cloughbawn 0.

Under-14 Premier Division: Curracloe United 7 (SIobhán Doolan 5, Dearbhla Doyle 2), Bree United 0; Kilmore United 4 (Cora Miller 2, Isobelle O'Neill, Aine Maher), Killenagh Wanderers 0.

Under-14 Division 1: Moyne Rangers 4 (Megan Dobbs 2, Shauna Kane, Gina Murphy), St. Leonards 0; Seaview United 3 (Emma Behan, Kayleigh Shannon, Amy O'Grady), St. Joseph's 1 (Niamh O'Connor).

Under-14 Division 2A: Campile United 0, Bridge Rovers 0; North End United 6 (Natasha Byrne 2, Rebecca Ennis, Alannah Anglim, Chelsey Pitman, Stacey O'Farrell), Rosslare Rangers 3 (Leah Vheung 2, Caoimhe McLeon); Gorey Celtic 5 (Amy Wilson 4, Ciara Hammell), Rathnure United 0.

Under-14 Division 2B: Fastnet Rovers 10 (AnneMarie Bennett 4, Rachel Bennett 2, Claire McGee 2, Orla Brennan, Ellie Diskin), Tombrack United 0; All Blacks w.o., New Ross Town scr.; Wexford Celtic 5 (Katie Bergin 2, Ciara Rochford 2, Orla Neiland), Enniscorthy Town 0.

Under-18 league: Seaview United 2 (Leanne Foley, Cora Cullen), Killenagh Wanderers 1 (Georgina Creane); Cloughbawn 3 (Gina Foley 2, Kate Cullen), St. Leonards 0; North End United 5 (Sara Byrne 2, Zoe Doyle 2, Danielle Kehoe), Ferns United 2 (Leona Breen 2).


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17 Under-12 Premier Division: Ballindaggin v. Kilmore United; Fastnet Rovers v. Curracloe United.

Under-12 Division 1: Taghmon United v. Moyne Rangers; North End United v. Gorey Celtic.

Under-12 Division 2A: St. Leonards v. Seaview United; Shelburne v. Wexford Celtic; Killenagh Wanderers v. Bridge Rovers.

Under-12 Division 2B: St. Joseph's v. Forth Celtic; New Ross Town v. Courtown Hibs; Corach Ramblers v. Rosslare Rangers.

Under-12 Division 3: Cloughbawn v. Tombrack United; Campile United B v. Camolin Celtic; Enniscorthy Town v. Adamstown.

Under-16 Premier Division: Curracloe United v. St. Leonards; Seaview United v. Forth Celtic.

Under-16 Division 1: Rathnure United v. Bunclody AFC; St. Joseph's v. Bree United; Ballindaggin v. Kilmore United.

Under-16 Division 2: Camolin Celtic v. Bridge Rovers; New Ross Town v. Tombrack United.

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