Wednesday 13 December 2017

Sacrilege as unofficial Youths account wins this week's accolade

Dean Goodison

TO START this week it's important to make a little confession. This edition's 'Trender' is for 'ocal soccer' and it was the contemplation of the winner that left 'Trending' with a little soul-searching to do.


You see, as anyone who is Twitter au fait will know, once you follow a significant number of people it can be difficult to catch up on the tweets you have missed after a few hours away from your computer or smart phone app.

If busy, it can become second nature to 'scan' through the tweets, taking in the important information, digesting good stuff quickly, and brushing off the rest that holds no use going forward.

Obviously, when producing this column you can't be so blasé, however, sometimes, just sometimes, when the Wexford Youths lads are having a confab it can be too complicated to follow. Sometimes you just have to give up.

You see, it's not Shakespearian language being used, it's not even txt speak, it's that some of the exchanges would be better placed on the set of Jersey Shore.

The first time I turned on 'Made in Chelsea' I expected to see a documentary on the manufacture and distribution of small plastic flags; little did I know it was a foreign language programme.

It's not something that held any real appeal, much like some of the Youths' conversations which are made up of plenty of 'bants'. It's almost certainly that, or the fact that most of them are from Waterford.

Now from the Deise to the top five. Twitter hasn't really taken over the club soccer scene in Wexford like it has the G.A.A., but one club bucking that trend is Moyne Rangers ( @MoyneRangers) who do plenty of updating with events, scores and the all-important score sheet. It's enough to put them into fifth place.

For 'Trending' the ability to be just a genuine, nice person is a vastly under-rated commodity. That's the reason we've pinpointed the next two components of this top five as they come across as just that.

From the women's Wexford Youths squad is Cherelle Khassal (@ ckhassal). The between-the-lines international (pictured above) is a joy to watch and is a fantastic representative for the club.

Also in that bracket is men's striker Danny Furlong (@ danny_furlong). It goes without saying that it's been a desperate year for the Rosslare man off the field, but he has handled everything with class and heart and is a massive credit to not only the team, but also his family and friends.

In terms of Twitter the top two provide fantastic updates and keep everyone in the loop regarding all Wexford Youths issues.

The club's official page (@ YouthsOfficial) does an excellent job of posting pre- and post-game interviews to keep supporters abreast of the inner opinions and it's enough for second spot.


Sacrilege they scream. The club's unofficial account, that is not endorsed by Wexford Youths (@ WYFC), takes first spot.

For all-round updates, news and tweets it has been the best account in the last year. If you want to follow one account to keep up to date with the Youths news right now, this is the best.

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