Thursday 19 April 2018

Wilson a tremendous third in U23 nationals

CIARA WILSON from D.M.P. ran a fantastic race in heavy, wet conditions to finish third in the Under-23 section of the inter-county cross-country championships in Tattersalls, Co. Meath, on Sunday last.

Her team-mates, Fiona Kehoe (Kilmore) and Catherine Murphy (Slaney Olympic), finished 27th and 28th respectively, with Elizabeth Egan in 33rd, Elaine Cardiff 61st and Catherine Walsh 62nd completing the Wexford team which finished fourth overall.

Congratulations also to Luke Byrne of Adamstown who finished 35th overall in the boys' Under-12 and eighth for Leinster, from a field of 167, retaining his Leinster team position.

Leinster took second position in the regional section. Luke will again form part of the Leinster team for day two of the national championships in Adamstown on December 9 when he will run in the Under-11 1,500m.

On a cold and frosty Friday evening in New Ross Town Park, United Striders hosted the second round of the Wexford Juvenile winter league. With huge numbers of athletes turning out once again, the results were as follows:

Under-8 girls: 1, Sinéad O'Reilly (Menapians); 2, Abbie Carthy Walsh (Adamstown); 3, Megan Pernagalo (United Striders); 4, Brídín Doyle (S.B.R.); 5, Nicola Farren (Menapians); 6, Isabell Bawden (United Striders); 7, Ciara Mooney (Adamstown); 8, Tatiana Kelly (St. Paul's); 9, Katie Doyle (S.B.R.); 10, Amy Barron (Menapians); 11, Mia McDonald (Menapians); 12, Saoibh Doyle (Adamstown); 13, Katie Sinnott (Menapians); 14, Tara O'Grady (Menapians); 15, Ava Lacey (S.B.R.).

Under-8 boys: 1, Mark Hennessy (Menapians); 2, Sam Norval (Menapians); 3, Myles Hewitt (United Striders); 4, Jay Hogan (S.B.R.); 5, Cosmo Hewitt (United Striders); 6, Joe Gilhooly (Menapians); 7, Darragh Breen (S.B.R.); 8, Christy Joss (Menapians); 9, Tadhg McShane (S.B.R.); 10, Finn Kelly (United Striders); 11, Niall Mimnagh (S.B.R.); 12, Darren Moynihan (S.B.R.); 13, Ben O'Toole (Taghmon); 14, Cian Kielty (United Striders); 15, Eoin Shannon (United Striders); 16, Conn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 17, Jonathan Banville (Taghmon); 18, Laurence Banville (Taghmon); 19, David O'Grady (Taghmon); 20, Seán Kelly (St. Paul's).

Under-9 girls: 1, Ciara Murphy (United Striders); 2, Chloe O'Toole (Taghmon); 3, Saidhbhe Byrne (S.B.R.); 4, Ciara Dolan (Menapians); 5, Elaine Aspell (Adamstown); 6, Aoibhinn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 7, Eimear Halpin (Menapians); 8, Kelly Corbett (United Striders); 9, Orlaith O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 10, Kate Roche (St. Paul's); 11, Beccy Lowney (Menapians); 12, Ciara Doherty (Menapians).

Under-9 boys: 1, Darragh Flannery (United Striders); 2, Aidan Shannon (United Striders); 3, Conor Doyle (S.B.R.); 4, Cian Gallagher (Menapians); 5, Laurence Power (Adamstown); 6, Darren O'Neill (St. Paul's); 7, Ben Ryan (S.B.R.); 8, James Doran (Taghmon).

Under-10 girls: 1, Aisling Kelly (Taghmon); 2, Dearbhla O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 3, Dantia Gilsenan (Menapians); 4, Eve Byrne (United Striders); 5, Edana Mimnagh (S.B.R.); 6, Kaci Blanch (Taghmon); 7, Eilish O'Rourke (S.B.R.); 8, Meadbh Rogers (United Striders).

Under-10 boys: 1, Joe Byrne (S.B.R.); 2, Alan Mahoney (Menapians); 3, Josh Carley (Menapians); 4, Cormac Byrne (Adamstown); 5, Dylan Mooney (Menapians); 6, Conor Lyne (Menapians); 7, Leigh Newport (St. Paul's); 8, Elliott Doyle (Menapians); 9, Conor Phelan (United Striders); 10, Evan O'Grady (Taghmon).

Under-11 girls: 1, Rachel Power (Adamstown); 2, Róisín O'Reilly (Menapians); 3, Ciara Walsh (United Striders); 4, Ella McShane (S.B.R.); 5, Muireann Hore (Taghmon); 6, Claudia Faraon (Menapians).

Under-11 boys: 1, Conor Murphy (United Striders); 2, Christopher Mahon (Adamstown); 3, Shane O'Neill (Menapians); 4, Tim Gilhooly (Menapians); 5, Cillian Corkery (Menapians); 6, Jamie Pernagalo (United Striders); 7, Cian Flanagan (United Striders); 8, John Hennessy (Menapians); 9, James Hanlon (Taghmon); 10, Ryan Kielty (United Striders); 11, Mikey Murphy (United Striders); 12, Cameron Doran (Taghmon).

Under-12 girls: 1, Rebecca Bawden (United Striders); 2, Gráinne Flannelly (United Striders); 3, Grace Kehoe (Enniscorthy); 4, Mairéad Creane (Adamstown); 5, Johane Kelly (United Striders); 6, Sonia Mooney (Adamstown); 7, Brona O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 8, Allana Byrne (United Striders); 9, Valerie Bullaernites (Menapians); 10, Alex Kaluzny (Menapians).

Under-12 boys: 1, Josh Hogan (S.B.R.); 2, Thomas Aspell (Adamstown); 3, Aaron Hanley (Taghmon); 4, James Newport (St. Paul's); 5, Joshua Hewlitt (United Striders); 6, Matt Rossiter (United Striders).

Under-13 girls: 1, Triona Mooney (Adamstown); 2, Julia Dempsey (Menapians); 3, Katie Murphy (United Striders); 4, Emma Callaghan (United Striders); 5, Ciara Kelly (United Striders); 6, Aoife Muldoon (Adamstown); 7, Maoine O'Rourke (S.B.R.); 8, Rachel Foley (Menapians); 10, Zara Power (Adamstown).

Under-13 boys: 1, Leon Nolan (Menapians); 2, Pádraig Hore (Taghmon); 3, William Bolger (S.B.R.); 4, James Boland (S.B.R.); 5, Joseph Hanlon (Taghmon); 6, Aidan Rogers (United Striders); 7, Tomás Breen (S.B.R.); 8, Niall Kelly (Taghmon).

Under-14 girls: 1, Hayleigh Bawden (United Striders); 2, Analise Creane (Adamstown).

Under-14 boys: 1, John Murphy (Menapians); 2, Ryan Carthy-Walsh (Adamstown); 3, Jack Power (Adamstown).

Under-15 boys: 1, Jordan Ryan (S.B.R.); 2, Joe Mooney (Adamstown).

Under-17 girls: 1, Patrice O'Gorman (Adamstown); 2, Aoife Corkery (Menapians); 3, Claire Stephenson (Adamstown). Under-17 boys: 1, Cathal Byrne (S.B.R.). Round three will take place in Adamstown Community Centre on their new 700m track, under lights on Friday next at 7.30 p.m. Contact any member of your local athletics club for more information on the league.