Sunday 17 December 2017

New national Games programme devised

THE NEW national programme of activities for 2013 has been developed in line with the Strategic Plan which enables the Community Games to fulfil its purpose.

The review of the national programme of activities was a co-operative effort between the Board of Directors, a Programme of Activities committee, the N.E.A.C., counties, and external national governing bodies. All of this information and the new programme of activities can be downloaded on

A county meeting will take place in the Ferrycarrig Hotel on Monday, October 15, at 8 p.m. Areas are reminded to send their delegates along to this important meeting.

The new season's activities (2013) will be discussed. There are many proposed new activities being introduced next year and some of the older activities are being dropped. It is also being proposed that the national finals be held over just two weekends, the first one from Thursday, June 20, to Monday, June 24, and the second weekend from Thursday, August 15, to Monday, August 19.

Big changes to contemplate there for everyone, so it may be necessary for Wexford Community Games to get the ball rollling and hold some activities prior to Christmas as we have been doing for the past few years. Your input at this very important meeting is vital if the calendar of events is to be carried out smoothly in the coming year. Please make every effort to see that your Area is in attendance.

A reminder that the HSE Community Games is inviting Areas around the country to participate in the 'Healthy Events Awards 2013'. Any Area can apply, no matter what their size. To apply for these awards, an Area must make their events more health promoting by completing at least ten actions, at least two per topic.

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