Wednesday 21 February 2018

Murphy the master

Billy and Paul Murphy with the spoils of success.
Billy and Paul Murphy with the spoils of success.

SATURDAY, August 11, saw the Wexford Academy of Martial Arts hold a kickboxing fight night in association with the Irish Kickboxing Federation (I.K.F.) in the Talbot Hotel, Wexford.

To say that the night was a success would be an understatement. The sold-out show contributed to the electric atmosphere that was apparent from beginning to end.

The first half of the fight night witnessed the Academy's Junior fighters do their club proud! Josh Carley, Dylan Donnelly, Daniel Craydon and Aaron Stafford showed tremendous skill and determination which resulted in wins for all of them. This was a brilliant triumph as these youngsters have only been training a short while but they were able to produce the goods.

Then came the Seniors and, boy, did they come out fighting! Danny Moorehouse, Stephen Scallan, Stephen Gibson, Danny Furlong and the only female fighter, Fiona McNeill, all gave creditable accounts of themselves.

All of the fights were fantastic, particularly Miss McNeill's fight that saw both ladies go toe-to-toe. It was indeed a tough fight but resulted in all three judges awarding the fight to the Wexford girl.

Top of the bill and fighting for the I.K.F. light middleweight title was Paul Murphy. What a fight! Paul's opponent, Luke Shortt, travelled from Limerick for the fight.

You truly had to be there to witness all of the thrills and spills that this topclass fight had to offer from the first to the fifth and final round.

Paul's coach, Billy Murphy, remarked: 'I have never had so many people from the audience comment about a single fight and how impressed they were on seeing such a spectacular performance'.

Paul, who is coached and trained by the father and son dream team Billy and Stephen Murphy, could not have had a better advantage in that Stephen, being current middleweight I.K.F. champion, was able to offer all of his advice and experience when training with Paul.

'Second best never came into Stephen's vocabulary and so when we started training for Paul's fight, he adopted the same approach and there were no prisoners taken.

'A club and its fighters relies on its reputation, and the Academy is second to none,' Billy added.

'We hold all major belts from Celtic Belts, National titles, Five Nations, World and World Pro-Am titles. Anybody who is involved in kickboxing in Ireland is aware of our Academy's reputation and that's why we are able to fight the best in Ireland, and not only fight them but win.'

Billy would like to thank everyone who helped to make the fight night the raging success that it was, and especially the people of Wexford who never fail to support Billy and the Wexford Academy of Martial Arts.

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