Monday 10 December 2018

Children out in force

Community Games athletics finals

Athletes from Kilanerin at the Community Games finals in The Hub, Enniscorthy
Athletes from Kilanerin at the Community Games finals in The Hub, Enniscorthy

The Hub in Enniscorthy was a hive of activity for the last county Community Games event of the 2018 season and one of the most eagerly awaited.

The county athletic events bring the children out in large numbers and although the Area numbers have decreased in the past few years, there was a good attendance.

The competitors came from Bree/Davidstown, Castlebridge/Crossabeg, Kilanerin, BBBCR, Clongeen, Rathangan, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown, Piercestown-Murrintown, Ring of Hook, Glynn-Barntown, Taghmon and Gorey town.

The day began with the annual parade of the competing Areas, with the Castlebridge/Crossabeg Area winning the 'best in parade' trophy, with Rathgarogue-Cushinstown as the runners-up.

The Bree/Davidstown Area won the best banner award.

Chairman Pádraig Byrne welcomed the children and their parents to the event and thanked his hard-working committee for having everything ready for the commencement of the games.

He also thanked Aldi, the national Games sponsors, and also loyal supporters Pettitt's of Wexford who have been the sponsors of the county athletics for a long number of years.

Among the guests were Michael D'Arcy T.D., James Browne T.D., Malcolm Byrne M.C.C., and Julie Dunne from Pettitt's.

The Community Games pledge was read in English and in Irish by Judy Sinnott and Sinéad McCarthy, and the games torch was carried round the track and lit by Becky Cashin to announce the start of the racing.


Under-8 60m: 1, Hazel Breen, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Ruth Hassey, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Eimear Cullen, Castlebridge/Crossabeg.

Under-8 80m: 1, Sarah O'Brien, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 2, Ava Wilson, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Emma Creane, Taghmon.

Under-10 100m: 1, Niamh O'Connor, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 2, Judy Sinnott, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Faye McDonnell, Kilanerin.

Under-10 hurdles: 1, Lea Bolger, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Sarah O'Mahoney, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Eilis Moran, Castlebridge/Crossabeg.

Under-10 200m: 1, Ruby Gallagher-O'Reilly, Kilanerin; 2, Anna Corrigan, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 3, Kayleigh Butler, Taghmon.

Under-12 100m: 1, Abbie Doyle, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Layla Stafford, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Rachel Whelan, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-12 600m: 1, Gracie Kehoe, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Tara Kelly, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Maura Doyle, Bree/Davidstown.

Under-12 ball throw: 1, Jane Duggan, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Shannon Codd, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Nellie Douglas-Adams, BBBCR.

Under-14 100m: 1, Leah Nolan, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Anna Sinnott, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Ellie Stafford, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-14 hurdles: 1, Ellie O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Danielle Stone, Rathangan; 3, Isabel Bawden, Ring of Hook.

Under-14 800m: 1, Mary Roe, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Rachel Goff, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Irene Hanlon, Ring of Hook.

Under-14 grass cycling: 1, Muireann Hynes, Rathangan.

Under-14 shot putt: 1, Eva Casey, BBBCR; 2, Jade Sinnott, Taghmon; 3, Jodie Morrissey, Castlebridge/Crossabeg.

Under-14 javelin: 1, Saidhbhe Byrne, BBBCR; 2, Grace Donohoe, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Grace O'Keeffe, BBBCR.

Under-14 long jump: 1, Ruby Murphy, Ring of Hook; 2, Holly Raftery, Rathangan; 3, Chloe Doyle, Taghmon.

Under-14 long puck: 1, Aobhinn Mernagh, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Katie Bolger, BBBCR; 3, Hannah Kehoe, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-16 100m: 1, Sabia Doyle, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Sophie Codd, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Sonia Milbourne, Castlebridge/Crossabeg.

Under-16 200m: 1, Aisling Kelly, Taghmon; 2, Chloe O'Toole, Taghmon; 3, Aoife O'Connor, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-16 high jump: 1, Rachel Gregg, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Derbhla O'Hanlon, Taghmon; 3, Cora McGrath, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.


Under-8 60m: 1, Ethan Jarvis, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 2, Darragh Goff, Taghmon; 3, Odhran Fitzpatrick, BBBCR.

Under-8 80m: 1, Aidan Laffan, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Cian Hopkins, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Darragh Doyle, Bree/Davidstown.

Under-10 100m: 1, Jamie Stafford-Doyle, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Ricky Mondo, BBBCR; 3, Noah Byrne, BBBCR.

Under-10 200m: 1, James Wall, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Cian Keating, Kilanerin; 3, Aaron Mullally, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-10 hurdles: 1, Jayden Kenny, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Cameron Sheil, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 3, Oisín Harte, Bree/Davidstown.

Under-12 100m: 1, Kevin O'Mahony, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Thommaso Hickey, Ring of Hook; 3, Harry Devereux, Bree/Davidstown.

Under-12 600m: 1, Eoin Hannon, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown; 2, Cathal Ennis, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Alex O'Keeffe, Taghmon.

Under-12 grass cycling: 1, Fionn Daly, Clongeen.

Under-12 long puck: 1, Paddy Kenny, BBBCR: 2, Cathal Sinnott, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Finn Ryan, Rathgarogue-Cushinstown.

Under-12 ball throw: 1, Craig Doyle, Taghmon; 2, Alfie Whelan, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Max Sweetman, Castlebridge/Crossabeg.

Under-14 100m: 1, Shane Doran, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 2, Seán Milbourne, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 3, Ben O'Toole, Taghmon.

Under-14 800m: 1, Tim Ivers, Kilanerin; 2, Aaron McDonagh, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-14 hurdles: 1, Seán Rowley, Castlebridge/Crossabeg.

Under-14 grass cycling: 1, Connor Sidney, Rathangan; 2, Eoin Sinnott, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-14 shot putt: 1, Cian McCormack, Bree/Davdstown; 2, Bobby-Joe Pitt, Taghmon.

Under-14 javelin: 1, Luke Lynham, BBBCR; 2, Thomas Rush, BBBCR; 3, Aidan Brennan, Rathangan.

Under-14 long jump: 1, Malachy Cathcart, Kilanerin; 2, Alex Rafferty, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Seán Pimmegar, Kilanerin.

Under-16 1,500m: 1, Evan O'Grady, Taghmon.

Under-16 high jump: 1, Jack Forde, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 2, Dara Browne. Rathangan; 3, Alex Gregg, Piercestown-Murrintown.


Under-12 girls: 1, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Taghmon.

Under-14 girls: 1, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Glynn-Barntown; 3, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-16 girls: 1, Piercestown-Murrintown; 2, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Taghmon.

Under-12 boys: 1, Bree/Davidstown; 2, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, Glynn-Barntown.

Under-14 boys: 1, Castlebridge/Crossabeg; 2, Piercestown-Murrintown; 3, BBBCR.

Under-16 boys: 1, Bree/Davidstown.

Under-10 mixed: 1, Glynn-Barntown; 2, Bree/Davidstown; 3, Piercestown-Murrintown.

Under-13 mixed: 1, Rathangan; 2, Taghmon; 3, BBBCR.

Under-15 mixed: 1, Kilanerin; 2, Piercestown-Murrintown.

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